L I V D has always been about making changes and creating memories of beauty.
However, the company wasn’t always about plus sizes.
The company originally began making embellished clubwear for young contemporary sizes.
It wasn’t until September 2016 that Jim Lee, co-founder of L I V D, read an article in the Washington Post written by Tim Gunn. The article mentioned how it was a disgrace that many designers refused to make clothes to fit American women.
Tim Gunn, design educator, author, and Emmy-winning co-host of “Project Runway” made Jim realize that many designers or merchandisers were simply ignoring the plus size market even though the average American woman wore between a size 16 and 18 (Washington State University)
A year had passed since the reading of that article, but Jim could not stop thinking about how neglected plus sizes were. Having grown up as the “husky” or “big-boned” kid, he knew what kind of psychological scars curvy people held onto. From his personal experience he knew that fashion was an easy tool to boost anyone’s confidence.
Thus L I V D was born.
We at L I V D, are determined to send body positive vibes across the country and eventually the world.
We want to provide curvier women with a more diverse selection of fashion forward items as well as make designers and manufacturers realize the plus size market is just as deserving of fashionable clothes as their smaller sized counterparts.